Syria & Iraq Video Analysis: Who Created the Islamic State?


Iranian officials say the US and Israel created the Islamic State, the jihadist group holding territory in Syria and Iraq and threatening further advances.

American commentators say Iran created the Islamic State.

Some Western pundits say Saudi Arabia created the Islamic State.

Articles have accused Turkey of creating the Islamic State.

So who’s right?

Here’s the shocking answer….

The Islamic State serves a function to fight other political battles. Even as it wins its own victories, even as it gains strength, it is propped up as a political tool — and not to bring any type of solution for Iraq and Syria, but to cause more problems through misguided, distorted, and exaggerated explanations.

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  1. Well put,,,Scott ,,,

    But these days ,,, honestly as ugly as it may sound
    ,,, I think it is getting harder and harder to ignore the different efforts that are being used ,,, through ANY METHOD ,,,, to protect the US dollar,,,,,
    Can they hold it together just a little longer,,,,, ?
    To know the importance of the petro dollar,,, and the criminal efforts that are crucial to hold it together ,,, just a little longer,,,,
    The events in Ukraine ,,, is a classical exampel of that ,,, the Way I see It…..


    • Mikkel,

      Thank you — how do you think the Islamic State affects those plans re the petro dollar and US dollar?


  2. Hello Scott

    What I think is : the real US intentions , since they apparently divorced the Saudis ( unofficial ) ,,, wanna try to ,,, divert attention ,,, and blame others ,,,as allways,,,, possibly try to get nice , nice with the Iranians in the proces,,,
    But certainly they want to hold a balance of terror in the whole region,,, ( the lack of support fore the moderate opposition in Syria is evidence of that ) of course ,,, we have to admit that ,,, they have the best Goebbels propaganda press . The spin is unbelieveabel,,,, some say that there are a split between Langley and Pentagon ,,,, and I tend to believe that,,,,so after all that is encouraging,,,,
    The public in America has fallen asleep ,,, and congress has been bribed and the white house has been TAKEN OVER by Langley ,,,, who are run by whom ????
    The struggle about the petrodollar is about to be over ,,,, it will fall,,, and they know that ,,, but ,,, you know ewrything seems so short term stupid , naive , and very ignorant,,,, the US government looks to mé ,,, like a spoiled child , ,,,, which ,,,, is realising that since it cant win ,,,, wanna destroy the whole game,,,
    Blame others , and walk away ,,, without consekvenses,,,,,,
    I dont think it is possibel that the US intelligence services ,,, had no prior knowledge about IS’s creation and plans,,,,so I assume,,,, this is very likely,,, in my opinion ,,,, that they ,,, behind the scenes through Langley,,,, encourage and try to control IS ,,, of course this will backfire and never succeed…
    Again Ukraine is an excellent how they try to use ,,,different dynamics in a country ,,,USE a movement or a public uprising ,,, fore their own purpose – asymmetric warfare ,,,, to try to stop the energyflow from the east…. They want the dependence of the
    US dollar ,,, to continue ,,, at any cost…
    ,,, strong energysupply and trade between europe
    and asia is bad news fore the dollar,,,,
    Now we must wait fore Europe to wake up ,,, and realise that we were allso asleep ,,,,,our US ally ,has been corrupted and betrayed the values of freedom…
    Maybe we see the beginning of that,,, especially in Germany….

    Just the way I see it ,,,, fore the moment…


    • That´s simply not true, USA has nothing under control, they don´t rule the world in the shadows you know?. Why we have allways to asume there is a secret power elite controling the destiny of mankind?. The reality is very simple. Western society can´t fight anyone anymore, is finished. What you are seeing is the decline of the weltanschauung born from the womb of the french revolution. Even with the economy still going in the future you will face a world who knows that the society in wich they live and the people who rules it are completly devoid of any meaning.

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